Personalise it Later - Disney Girl Power Collection


Strong, brave, and powerful female characters from Disney's biggest blockbuster films have been gathered here in this collection of stories, comprised with empowerment of the next generation of women in mind. Seven stories in one book, one of which has never before been seen. Stories of Ariel's determination, Nala's sense of adventure, and Tiana's resourcefulness are all gathered here to inspire your own little princess to dream big and be the best she can be. Your little one will learn to be fearless like Mulan, and a leader like Moana. This book comes with a special redemption code that will allow you to personalise your own label that you can place inside the book. This unique label will include a photograph, name, and message to your recipient. Presented in a hand-finished Disney gift box, this is the ideal gift for little girls of all ages.

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